Ball Bag - Match Back Pack

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* Does not include the balls or accessories, this price is for the bag alone.

The OTTOPT Match pack, is the coaches ball bag that can carry everything you need for a match.

No more having to carry multiple bags from the car.

This neat back pack is comfortable to wear

Fits 6 OTTOPT ONE size 5 balls

Back flap covered pocket, for tactic board, paperwork, booklets, etc

Front top pocket for, gloves etc, internal pocket for bibs

Two side pockets, one ideal for ID cards, the other for a phone, or whistle and small accessories like stopwatch or needles for the pump.

Two side mesh bottle / pump holder pouches

Underneath a bungee cargo net, to store items such as the collapsible corner flags or first aid kit

Front bungee toggles to carry space markers, discs or flat markers*

Remains a rectangular shape which neatly fits in any car

Purchase separately or with the accessories as a bundle here

Accessories include:

  • 6 OTTOPT ONE Match balls Sizes 3,4 & 5 available
  • Dual action pump
  • Bottle
  • Collapsible slalom set or Collapsible corner flags set
  • Coaches Tactic board
  • 10 White flat Markers
  • 10 White Space Markers

* Designed to hold 10 markers and up to 6 bibs in the internal pocket

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